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Novel Length
Inseparable (Directory for all chapters) (PG-13/Teen; See directory page for genre) [Doctor Who/Torchwood Cross-over]

Series Stories
Excursions Series (Applicable to Inseparable)
Spring Cleaning Lotsa Scrolls (G; humour/wannabe-angst) [10th Doctor]
Bored… Short Story (G; humour) [10th Doctor/Rose]
Inseparable SongFic Short Story (PG; wannabe-angst) [Rose; implied Doctor/Rose]

Eternally (Post-Doomsday Poem) Drabble (G; wannabe-angst) [Rose; implied Doctor/Rose]
A Rose By Any Other Name… Quickie (G; humour/romance) [10th Doctor/Rose]
Morning Dew Lotsa Scrolls (PG; humour/adventure) [10th Doctor/Donna Friendship]
Rose Would Know Quickie (PG; angst) [10th Doctor; implied Doctor/Rose]
He’ll Be Back Quickie (G; humour) [9th Doctor]
Ashes and Memory Quickie (PG; wannabe-angst/poetry) [The Doctor]

Novel Length
Conditions and Complications (Directory for all chapters) (PG-13/Teen; See directory page for genre) [Torchwood; Series 1 compliant]

Series Stories
Candlelight and Weevils Series (Jack/Ianto Centric)
How Much? Lotsa Scrolls (R; oral) [Jack/Ianto]
How Much? (Edited Version) Short Story (PG-13; implied oral) [Jack/Ianto]
A Distant Echo Short Story (PG; romance) [Jack/Ianto]
Reassurance Drabble (PG; wannabe-angst) [Ianto, implied Jack/Ianto]
I Won’t Send Roses Lotsa Scrolls (R; romance) [Jack/Ianto]
Something to Talk About Short Story (PG-13; romance/humour) [Jack/Ianto]

Best of Friends (Ianto/Gwen Friendship Centric)
Lipstick Short Story (PG-13; humour) [Ianto/Gwen Friendship]
Photographic Memory Short Story (PG-13; humour) [Ianto/Gwen Friendship]

Nothing More Important Quickie (PG-13; angst) [Tosh]
Life is Everything Short Story (PG-13; angst) [Tosh]
More than Anything Quickie (PG-13; wannabe-angst/romance) [Implied Owen/Tosh]
Local Knowledge Drabble (PG; humour) [Implied Jack/Ianto]

Fevered Pitch Quickie (R; romance/slash) [Arthur/Merlin]


The First Scream Short Story (PG-13; general/family) [Bella Swan, Charlie Swan]

From the Lips of a Slytherin (R; romance/humour) [Draco/Hermione]

I Shouldn’t… But I Do Short Story, First Person POV (R for sexual scenarios)
For-Bitten Kisses Lotsa Scrolls (NC-17 for almost-non-con, biting, vampires)
Rhythm and Words Lotsa Scrolls (NC-17 for spanking, role-play, oral, minor D/s and language)
Cotton Candy in an Airport Short Story (PG; romance/humour) [RPF – Myself/Seth, Bethany]
Passion and Pillows Short Story (R for explicit sexual scenarios)
The Doctor & I Short Story (NC-17 for explicit sex and random squee-ing)
The Doctor & Me Short Story (NC-17 for explicit sex and random squee-ing) [Companion piece to The Doctor & I]
The Ice Princess Short Story/WIP (PG-13/15, maybe bumped up to R for later chapters; extreme angst)
A Happy Hello Lotsa Scrolls (NC-17 for explicit sexual scenarios too numerous to list)
Slow and Steady Short Story (NC-17; Romance/Smut)

Where I Am Poem (PG; romance/Fluff)
Contradictions Poem (PG; self-reflection)
Honey You Can Count On Me (To Carry Through) Poem (PG; romance)
Let’s Hear It For America Song (PG; patriotism)
New Faces, New Friends Song (PG; friendship)
Fond Feelings, Bittersweet Goodbyes Poem (PG; romance/wannabe-angst)
Rainbow Friendships Poem (PG; friendship)
The Real Me Poem (PG; self-reflection/wannabe-angst)
It’s Not A Goodbye Song (PG; romance/wannabe-angst)
Hurry Up and Wait Poem (PG; Humour)
Shut Out Poem (PG; angst)
What Friends Are For Play (PG-13; Humour/Romance)
A Simple Step/Yasashii Aruku Poems (PG; Romance/Foreign Language)
Pepto-Bismal Poem (G; Humour/Crack!Poetry)
A Proud Nation Tribute (PG; Tribute/Patriotism)
Parents Poem (PG; Family)
*Carols, Cards and Candy Canes* Poem (PG; Humour/Holiday)
*Disappear* Poem (PG; Angst)
Eternity and Such Poem (PG; Romance)
Final Farewell Poem (PG; Angst/Romance)
The Sadness of My Joy Poem (PG; Romance/Angst)
*Why Bother?* Poem (PG; Angst)
Why Do I Even Bother (from Can You Hear Me?) Song/scene (PG; Musical/Angst)
Unrequited Poem (PG; Romance/Angst)
The Storm Poem (PG; Metaphorical)
Generation What? Poem (PG-13; Rant/Angst)
Your Poem (lyrics) Song (PG; Romance)
Him and You Poem (PG-13; Romance/Love)

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